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How Hip Pain is Linked to the Foundation of Our Spine

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Hey guys, Dr. Jon here. Look in 2015, over 124 million Americans reported having a musculoskeletal condition of some kind throughout that year. These are things like neck pain, low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc. hip pain is also included in that. And I want to talk to you really briefly about how and why chiropractic care can help you if you’re experiencing hip pain of any kind.

Our Hips Form The Foundation

First of all, the hip joints, the sacroiliac joints are very, very important, critical to the overall function of our spine, right? The pelvis, the hips, they are made, they’re put together primarily by those big hip joints, that sacroiliac joints, you can feel them on yourself, right the bottom of your spine, on either side, okay, there’s two of them. And it’s, we can think of it like the foundation of a home or house, the foundation is critical, anything if the foundation is not correct, right, or if it’s out of balance, than anything we build on top of that will suffer right in some way. And so the spine is the same way, the pelvis forms that foundation, and all the bones, all the vertebrae of our spine, sit and stack on top of it. And if the pelvis is out of balance, or out of alignment, or rotated or twisted or anything like that, then the entire spine is going to have to compensate in some way.

Hip Dysfunction Affects the Spine

So if you’re someone out there and you are experiencing hip pain, or or, or pain and pelvis in any way, then it that’s important, there may be dysfunction in your hip joints. But we can also think about it like wow, if my hips are out of alignment, if there’s pain coming from my hips, then it’s also highly likely that my spine in other areas is compensating, because of that dysfunction there, which is also something that should be looked at as well. Okay, the longer we wait, the longer we let those things just just sit there, the worse it’s gonna get. Okay. And so, chiropractic, if you’ve watched any of our videos before this message we repeat over and over again, because the principle is the same whether we’re talking about the neck, the mid back, the low back the hips, it does not matter. The spine is full of joints, it’s made of joints to help us facilitate movement in our life, right and joint is made to move any joint, but especially the ones in the spine, they’re made to move and they must move in order to remain healthy. And so if if we have dysfunction in our hips, the stresses of life have created problems in our hip joints, that has restricted its movement has lowered its ability to move well and fluidly. without restriction, then that is a problem. Right? That is going to set the stage for things like degeneration, and these other types of conditions that can create pain and dysfunction of all sorts.

Reduce Stress on the Hips

Okay, and so as with chiropractic, one of our primary objectives is how can we restore normal motion to this joint? How can we help liberate this joint, the hip joints, in this case, from the stresses that they’ve accumulated over time, so that it can move fluidly and frequently and regularly throughout life and when a joint moves well, consistently over time, then it has the best possible chance of, of being healthy and maintaining itself throughout the longevity of someone’s life. And that is what we’re after. Right? That is what we’re after. When someone can do that. That’s what allows them to go out and achieve the goals that they have for themselves in life, whatever those may be. Right. And so that just very simply, that is the objective that we have are one of the primary objectives that we have with chiropractic care.

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