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It is well acknowledged that up to 80% of physician office visits occur, in part, due to the presence of chronic stress. Considering there are approximately 860 million physician visits per year in the U.S., we can be confident that people throughout our country and community are under tremendous stress that negatively impacts their health.

At Beyond Bones, we recognize this reality and work with our patients to help them reduce the stresses they are exposed to and, more importantly, improve their ability to ADAPT to these stresses. It is very common for us to meet people who have tried to resolve their health issues by simply treating the symptom without addressing the underlying cause. This typically leads to many years of frustration. Instead, by helping our patients implement strategies designed to remove or reduce the stressors in their life, while improving their ability to adapt to stress, we witness incredible improvements in their overall health and well-being.

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How We Treat Stress in Jacksonville, Florida

Comprehensive Exam And History

The initial exam is critical to the care we provide at Beyond Bones. The information we collect from that first visit will, in part, determine how much care we recommend to get you feeling and functioning at your best.

One of the primary pieces of information we are interested in is understanding what types of stresses you experience in your everyday life. The accumulation of these stressors is likely to be the cause of whatever symptom you are experiencing currently. Once we know where these stressors are coming from, we can make better recommendations to either avoid or reduce them going forward.

What we know is that regardless of the type of stress you may be experiencing (physical, emotional, or chemical), the effects of these stressors can and will create physical health issues in the body. When we work with our patients, we help them understand the global effects stress can create in the body and what strategies we can implement to minimize and adapt better to these stressors in the future.

Chiropractic Care in Jacksonville, FL

Stress changes our physiology globally. It is never isolated to just one body part or area of the body. Because of the incredibly integrated and connected nature of the human body via our nervous system, we look for the global effects stress causes in our patients in order to provide the most robust care plan possible. One of the areas of the body we see most damaged due to stress, and also most capable of reducing and managing stress, is the spine.

The spine is the primary structure that protects our nervous system, allowing our brain and body to communicate constantly. In order for us to function at an optimal level, this communication must remain open and without interference. Due to the stresses of life, however, whatever they may be, our spines can become damaged and pass that damage and stress to our nervous system, which can create many different health issues.

With chiropractic care, our objective is simple: to improve the structure and function of the spine so not only is the spine healthy but also the nervous system that it protects. When we accomplish this and maintain it throughout life, we will have the best possible chance to feel and function at our absolute best.

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Specific Stress Reduction Lifestyle Recommendations

What we do in between adjustments is almost as crucial as getting adjusted. We understand that the accumulation of stress throughout someone’s life can be a primary contributor to any health concern someone may have. Our team at Beyond Bones is obsessed with studying what makes us well, what makes us strong, and what makes us thrive. As you start to take care of your spine and remove the tension it’s under, it becomes paramount to address the stressors you experience daily to find strategies to minimize them in the future.

Along with getting adjusted and the care you will receive for your spine, the Beyond Bones team is also committed to sharing specific lifestyle recommendations and strategies that work in conjunction with the adjustment to maximize your results. Our bodies are constantly fighting to keep us well and thriving. The better our choices become and the more activities we can implement on a daily basis to keep us strong, the better the results. All of us at Beyond Bones are also on this wellness journey, and we can’t wait to share our experience with you.

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