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“We are a chiropractic clinic obsessed with helping people remove the stress and tension that accumulates in the spine throughout life.

Whether it came from work, old sports injuries, ordinary slips and falls, or simply poor lifestyle choices we have all experienced the detrimental effects stress has on the body and spine.

If left unchecked, the effects of these stressors can build and begin to create health issues that interfere with our ability to accomplish the goals we have in life. It is our objective to prevent this from happening by restoring balance to the body and spine through regular chiropractic care.

There is no replacement or substitution for a chiropractic adjustment that liberates the spine from the consequences of life's stresses. This is what we do incredibly well and we look forward to sharing it with you.”

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How Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

What We Help With


Headaches Stress Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


Regularly occurring headaches affect millions of Americans each year. After working with thousands of patients we have found that the primary cause is oftentimes a structural imbalance in the spine as opposed to a chemical imbalance.

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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


For many, neck pain has become a “part of life”. We are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Structural imbalances need structural solutions… Learn more about how to return to balance here.

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Back Pain

Back Pain Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


Low back pain is the leading cause of disability in western countries. In our office we find that the majority of these issues are a result of lifestyle choices that can be corrected!

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Spinal Subluxation

Spinal Subluxation Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


The joints in our spine are made to MOVE! When our joints loose the ability to function properly this has detrimental effects on our nervous system - we call this a “subluxation”.

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Prenatal & Postnatal

Pregnancy Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


During pregnancy the female body undergoes dramatic changes that prepare her for delivery. The proper alignment of the pelvis plays a key role in facilitating a successful natural birth.

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Disc Injury

Disc Injury Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


Disc injuries create vulnerabilities in the overall strength and stability of the spine. Once this happens it becomes even more important to care for the spine and ensure each joint is functioning at its absolute best.

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Sciatica Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


The sciatic nerve is the primary nerve of the lower limb and is responsible for controlling many of the muscles in the thigh and leg. Disc dysfunction in the lumbar spine and/or sacroiliac joint dysfunction can contribute to sciatica symptomology.

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Scoliosis Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


Just as the alignment of our vehicle’s tires is critical to prevent premature degeneration proper spinal alignment is also necessary to minimize the abnormal stresses on the joints and discs that can come from scoliotic curvatures.

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


Due to the intimate neurological connection between the neck and shoulder we often find that the underlying cause of many shoulder complaints actually resides in the cervical spine.

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Family Chiropractic

Family Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


Pediatric chiropractic care is quite common and can set your children up for proper growth in their most critical development years.

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Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


We’ve helped many people get rid of their low back pain. It’s one of the main reasons people come into our center, and it’s almost always something we can help eliminate.

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Headaches Stress Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


It is well acknowledged that up to 80% of physician office visits occur, in part, due to the presence of chronic stress.

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Pregnancy Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


Pregnancy is one of the most important and exciting things that can take place in a woman’s life. The way she grows and supports a human life inside her body is a miracle, there’s really no other way to put it.

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Hip Pain

Hip Pain Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


Hip pain is a symptom that affects millions of people around the world each year. As with most musculoskeletal conditions, there are many potential causes of hip pain.

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Auto Accident

Car Accident Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me


An auto accident's split-second dramatic force or impact is a special situation. The forces absorbed by the body and spine from an auto accident can be more than enough to set someone on the path to premature spinal degeneration.

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I met Dr. Jon on the recommendation of a friend, I had a lot of back pain, so in the first adjustment procedure I felt much better! sensational treatment! recommend it to everyone!

- Ronaldo Dutra

Love Dr Jon & all his staff!!! I started going to him 1yr ago & feel 1000 times better!

- Bonnie McKesson

Dr. Jon is really knowledgeable and knows what he's doing, but I also love the vibe and everyone there. They are all so nice! Totally recommended

- Patricia Smith

Estava muito dor na minha coluna. Depois que conheci o Dr Jon não tive mais dor. O Dr Jon é um profissional muito competente. E uma pessoa maravilhosa. Sempre indico ele porque me sinto segura com ele.

- Claudia Matheus

Sensacional, ele é um profissional excelente e uma pessoa maravilhosa, recomendo muitoooo !!!

- Nana. Abreu bandeira!!

Amazing crew, amazing place. Highly recommend! Equipe americana /brasileira pronta para atender a qualquer momento. Não deixem de visitar. Indico o quiroprata dr. Jon a todos!

- Pedro Henrique Sipaúba Sousa

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What to Expect

Evaluation - The first step in helping our clients get and stay well is understanding what their current health situation is. We want to know more about them! We want to know about their history, what lifestyle habits they have, what their stressors are, and most importantly what their GOALS are as it relates to health and wellbeing. We will also take x-ray images of the spine and a digital posture scan so that we can be certain about where any areas of concern may be and what exactly is causing their current health concerns.

Plan of Care - Once we have the information from the evaluation we spend time with our patients discussing the findings and providing our best recommendations based on the results and their individual goals. Our recommendations will almost always be for what we call a plan of care. These are specific recommendations tailored to each individual’s needs and are designed to give them the best chance possible to achieve their health goals.

Re-evaluations / Checkpoints - As we move through the care plan we take time to periodically check in to see how our patients are progressing. We have objective and subjective means of doing this. We want to know how they are feeling and functioning, what changes they have noticed in their health, and what habits they have changed (or are in the process of changing). We will take updated posture scans to see visually how balance is being restored to the body and at the conclusion of the initial care plan, we will discuss the entirety of the experience and provide recommendations on how to maintain the results.

Get Your Life Style Back

Our health is, without a doubt, our greatest asset. Without it, we simply cannot achieve our life’s goals as easily as we should. In our office we recognize the spine’s crucial role in our overall wellbeing and work to remove the imbalance, stress, and tension that accumulates through life allowing you to live as your best possible self.

Frequently Asked Questions

A chiropractor focuses on improving the alignment and overall function of the spine.  The structural quality of our spine is intimately related to our overall wellbeing and how we feel and function each and every day.  Chiropractors provide a structural solution to resolve structural problems in the joints of the spine and extremities.

Chiropractors graduate with a doctorate in chiropractic (D.C.).  Their formal training is primarily structured around understanding all aspects of spinal health and how the spine is connected to the health of the entire body.  In order to restore proper spinal health chiropractors are trained in many different manual techniques that are used to correct a wide range of spinal issues. 

With each chiropractic school, you'll come across various programs, but there is a decent list of requirements and educational material that is generally known to be associated with becoming a chiropractor. To earn a doctor of chiropractic degree, you can expect to encounter subjects such as human biology, lifestyle, nutrition education, testing and diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system, and much more. 

Dr. Dandridge believes that a quality relationship where the doctor understands a patient's situation and individual goals should be at the foundation of any healthcare service.  Beyond this, the patient needs to feel confident that the doctor can actually deliver.  As a former professional athlete Dr. Dandridge has spent his entire life training and developing his physical skills, first for sports, and now to deliver an undeniable chiropractic experience that will be felt immediately upon starting care at Beyond Bones.  

They most definitely can, and treatments such as releasing pressure on the spine or other musculoskeletal adjustments can significantly improve a child's development over the years. With the increasing use of technology, the young aren’t as active as they used to be, so it never hurts to keep chiropractors in mind before disorders start to develop down the line.

It is safe and highly recommended for pregnant women and new mothers alike, as chiropractic care can do wonders for alleviating back, hip, and joint pain. Moreover, it can also help with pelvic balance, which is beneficial during pregnancy. There are all kinds of prenatal and postnatal care treatments, so don't shy away from looking into it for yourself.

Unfortunately, no. Considering the knowledge, adjustments, and applied force required for proper chiropractic treatment, you'll need to see a professional for the best results and for your own safety. It's best not to try any chiropractic treatment on your own, as it could easily lead to more damage and pain to your body.

You'd be surprised at the number of musculoskeletal disorders and ailments that chiropractors can alleviate. Whether it's a headache, neck pain, or simply back pain, there's chiropractic treatment for it. If you have more specific complications such as spinal subluxation, scoliosis, sciatica, or a disk injury, Dr. Dandridge can help with all of these as well.

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