Favorite exercise for a disc injury chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL

Favorite Exercise for a Disc Injury In Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Jon here, I want to show you one of my favorite exercises that really all of us can do. But especially if you have disc injuries in your lower back, this is a wonderful, wonderful exercise that you can do, it’s a part of my daily routine. And you don’t need much, this is the beauty of it.

Hanging Stretch

I’m here to public park, I’m going to use a bar that can be used like like a pull up bar, basically, you can install this in your house, in your garage, you can come to a park like I’m at right now. And you can do this, okay. And the idea is that when we have a disc injury, typically what happens is that there’s too much compression, there’s a lot of compression in the disc that’s damaging those tissues. And so one of the things that we can do on our own, just using gravity and our own body weight is a hanging, we can hang and allow gravity and our own body weight to just stretch us out and decompress the spine. And I’m going to show you some little movements that we can do in our low back, that just inter are just putting a little extra nice smooth motion into those joints. And it’s very healthy. Okay, watch along.

Relax as you Stretch

So basically, all I’m going to do is I’m just going to be hanging, okay, I’m just going to be hanging from this, this, this bar, if you cannot hang because your shoulders or your hands or whatever are, there’s some injuries there, then put a box underneath your feet, so that you can take some of the weight off of your joints. And that’ll help a lot. But I’m just going to hang here with my entire body weight. And what I can do when I’m hanging is I can just relax into this position, I can just really relax my stomach muscles and just let let my spine decompress. You’ll just feel it as it starts to stretch out. It’s very, very nice.

Slow Side-to-Side Movements

And then from here, what I can do is I can start inter, I can start doing a little light movement. So I can start rocking my hips, side to side, like lateral flexion. Okay, I can go front to back, just start rocking a little bit. Okay. Just nice and gentle. I can go in circles. Right? This is this bar is not high enough for me. Circles, right? Just stuff like that. Very easy. And just let it let it hang. Just really breathe into it. And you can do this for about five minutes a day. And it’s really, really awesome. Okay, yeah, five minutes a day. Try it. Your hands are going to give Okay, so you’re not going to do it all at one time. But you can come back to it periodically throughout the day. It’s gonna make a huge difference if you have a disc injury. Okay, enjoy it.

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