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Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident In Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Jon Dandridge here and I want to go over a few common things that we see in our office each and every week as it relates to the health of the spine, and car accidents.

Chiropractic Care is Also For Car Accidents

And first of all, what I want to share with you is that chiropractic care is not only for those people who have been in car accidents, yes, a car accident can be extremely stressful and detrimental to the health of our spine. But so too can other stresses that we experience in life, right stresses from our job, stressors from athletic events, that we do, sports that we play, stressors from hobbies that we engage in, etc, etc, right. So all these other stressors that we have in life can also be just as detrimental over time as a car accident. However, this video is about car accidents. So I’m going to give you a little bit about how we think about car accidents, and why it’s so important to take action very quickly after you’ve, you’ve been in one. And the way I like to think about is really quite simple.

Traumatic Force from Car Accidents Impacts Our Spine

When we get into an accident, whether you hit someone or somebody hits you, there’s that impact that’s created, and the forces of that impact can sometimes be so great, that it destroys the vehicle, right? It destroys the steel and all the metals and, and all the pieces that make up that vehicle and make it very strong, those things can be destroyed. But we have to remember that those forces do not stop at the vehicle, they’re oftentimes absorbed by the people that are inside, right in our spine. Okay, those forces are absorbed by us if we’re inside, and so that can create problems, okay, depending on the the force and how severe it is, it can create very significant problems in our spine. Our spine is very strong, but it also can be very delicate in certain ways. And the tissues that make it up, if they’re under a lot of stress, such as that from a car accident, they can be damaged, the joints of the spine that can be damaged. And whenever that happens, we will suffer some type of consequence, whether it’s immediately after or further along down the road.

Car Accident Trauma Can Be Delayed

And I’ll tell you what I see in our office more times than not it’s very, very common is that after someone is in an accident, the body has this incredible ability to adapt, right? Our adrenaline is pumping, we’re thinking about 100 different things. And the body is very capable of adapting to that so that we can survive the event, right. But in the following days and weeks, sometimes months, things start to pop up in terms of symptoms, right? Maybe pain, discomfort, and you know, all areas of our back headaches, whatever it is difficulty sleeping, all these types of things, reduce range of motion, whatever it is, these things can start to happen. And we start to forget, we start to associate it with maybe other things in life. Maybe it happened because of the car accident, maybe not. But the body will eventually start to lose its ability to adapt to that to that stress, right that it received during the accident. Right. And so if we allow that to, to progress, nothing good is going to come of it. Right if we if we have dysfunction in our spine, structurally, and we don’t take care of it, it’s just going to get worse and worse and worse. Right. And that’s what we commonly see as people who have come in and they’re starting to feel symptoms that are really a result of accidents that have happened sometimes years ago, right.

Don’t Delay Getting Care

And so it’s very, very important to take care of ourselves to make sure that we’re in balance after we’ve suffered some type of accident whether it’s from a car a motor vehicle accident or not. Right and so just that general concept very, very important. If we let things sit if we don’t take care of the structure of our spine after an accident has happened, then the tendency is for it to get worse, degeneration will start to set in things like that will start to set in that will have a big consequence on how we feel and how we function.

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