Jan 18, 2023

Debunking Myths Of Chiropractic Care In Jacksonville, FL Episode 2

By : Beyond Bones /

Myth #2, if you’ve had surgery or you’ve had disc injuries in the past that you can’t get adjusted. You can’t go to a chiropractic clinic and take care of your spine. This is NOT true.

What we know is that if you’ve had surgery or injury, then now there’s a weak link in the chain. There’s some areas that may be vulnerable, right because of those injuries of surgery. So it’s even more important, I would say, to take care of the areas above and below it that are around it so that you can provide the proper support. Right? We can work around surgery we can work around areas that may be very damaged from past injuries and accidents. That’s not a problem. Very important to continue to take care of your spine.