Debunking Myths of Chiropractic Care Chiropractor in Jacksonville FL

Debunking Myths of Chiropractic Care In Jacksonville, FL Episode 1

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Hey guys, here are the three biggest myths that we see in Chiropractic Clinics.

Myth #1. You only need to get checked, you only need to get your spine cared for when you’re in pain. This is the same thing as saying you only need to brush your teeth when you have cavities. We know that this is not true. What we really want to do is take care of ourselves regularly and consistently over time so that we avoid and prevent a lot of these problems that are really detrimental to our health. And we can treat our spine in the exact same way.

Look, you can go around chiropractic clinics all across this country and perhaps even the world and find that a large percentage of these practices are made up of people who come and get their spine checked regularly and consistently over many, many years, weekly or monthly, perhaps. And so the reason that they do that is because they know that when they’re getting their spine check, they’re taking care of the joints that make up their spine. They feel and function at their absolute best!

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