Jan 18, 2023

Myths Of Chiropractic Care In Jacksonville, FL Episode 3

By : Beyond Bones /

And myth #3, once you go to the chiropractor, you always have to go. This is NOT true either.

There are millions and millions of people all over the world that never see a chiropractor, or they go a few times and never return. And the question that we like to ask is, are they living in an optimal state those people? Do they have pain and discomfort and restriction and tension and stress that’s building up in their body that’s keeping them from feeling and functioning at their best? Yeah, in many cases they do. And so people who go to the chiropractor regularly and consistently over time and they make it a part of their lifestyle to do so. They know how they feel and they’ve had the experience that when they take care of their spine, and the joints of their body, especially when their spine is healthy, that they feel and function at their absolute best.