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How to Get Rid of Headaches for Good In Jacksonville, FL

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Hey everybody, Dr. Brian here, we’re here to discuss headaches and what we can do here at Beyond Bones to help people get rid of their headaches and keep them gone. Headaches are a major problem. It’s a super debilitating thing. Anytime you’ve had a headache, I’m sure you recognize how hard it is to live life the way that you want to live it, there are major, major negative effect on our quality of life.

Headaches are very, very common as well, something like 50% of the population experiences a headache at least once a year. That’s a lot of people. There’s a very small group of people, but important who are suffering really, really badly from headaches, four or 5% of the people experience a headache 15 or more days out of the month, think about that. Think about how your quality of life may be affected. If you’re feeling a headache, effectively, half the time, that’s terrible. Now, there are many, many things that cause headaches, they can be medical conditions, they can be physical stressors, that can be mental, emotional, it can be chemical, lots and lots of things go into determining whether a person suffers from a headache, and what type of headache it is. And then from there, most importantly, what needs to be done about it.

So at Beyond Bones, our main job is to check and see whether or not we can help you when if we can how, so we start by doing a thorough consultation and evaluation involves a history involves the discussion on what type of headache you’re suffering from. Often we’ll go into some examination type things, checking your spine for areas of fixation, imbalance, and misalignment. That’s what chiropractors correct as misalignment in the spine is a thing called subluxation. When your spine is under lots of stress over time, it can misaligned that puts pressure on the nerves. And that causes lots of different health problems, headaches being very prominent among those after the exam. In many cases, we’ll need to see X rays of your spine. That’s what gives us a crystal clear picture of your spine, where the problem is, how severe it is, and how long it’s been there. And most importantly of all, what do we do about it and just have a look here at this X ray, that’s a healthy normal curve. That’s what we should see in the neck, that reversed C shaped curve this person is facing to the left, that’s healthy, the disk spaces are still full, they’re open, there’s enough room for the nerves to travel out without an impingement, that’s a healthy spine. That’s the spine of a person who doesn’t have a huge amount of stress in their life.

Yet, if we fast forward a little bit, we assumed that that same person goes and works at a desk bound job stays on the phone all the time and doesn’t take care of themselves as well as they should. That’ll obviously progress progress. If we take a look here, that’s fine is far worse, isn’t it, it’s night and day, the spine has gotten straight, the disk spaces are shrinking down dramatically. It doesn’t look anything like it used to. And there’s lots of wear and tear on that spine. That indicates to us that the misalignment has been there for a long time doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about it, it does mean that it’s important that we get started right away. Now, once we determine that we can help you there’ll be lots of different directions we can take in order to see what’s the best way to get you taken care of.

Now, there are many factors when it comes to headaches, and there are many different types of headaches. Hydration, is a very important factor. amount of sleep and quality of sleep is another one lifestyle as well. simply raising up your monitor at work may make a difference. There are lots of different things that we can do and talk about and discuss diet as well. When it comes to getting your headaches feeling better. And in staying that way for the long term. The number one thing that we do beyond volunteer to help people’s headaches go away and stay away is the chiropractic adjustment. That’s when we bring the spine back closer to normal. We help things relax, we help take the pressure off of the nerves that makes those headaches go away and stay gone.

Headaches are far too serious for you to risk suffering from them any more than you have to. It’s important that we get taken care of those right away. We look forward to seeing you here and let’s get you feeling great like you deserve

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