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Disc Bulge Pain Relief In Jacksonville, FL

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Hey everybody, its Dr. Brian here. And we’re going to take a look at the spine and something called a Bulgur bulging disc.

Now, as you probably know, your spine is made up of 24, moveable little bones, and those are called vertebrae. And in between each pair of bones is what’s called an intervertebral disc or a disc. That disk isn’t exactly soft, but it is softer than the bones around it. And so what that means is that when we lose the proper positioning of our spine, and we’re out of alignment, that can force the disc out of the normal position that it occupies. And that would be fine. Except there’s one major problem. And that major problem is that when the disc leaves its proper space, it actually moves out of there and into the space that should be occupied only by nerves. That causes pressure on the nerves and that nerve pressure over time can cause all sorts of nasty things to happen. It’ll usually start with low back pain. And if we ignore it, which is a terrible idea that nerve pressure over time will end up causing symptoms that run down the leg. That can be pain, it can be weakness, it can be numbness or tingling, but it’s a clear sign of a problem that should have been addressed a long time ago. See leaving a minor problem and not doing anything about it. It will always allow that problem to get worse.

The best strategy is to take early action and get things as corrected and cleaned up as soon as possible, so that you stay feeling as good as you can avoid that low back pain. And this bulging disc thing will never be an issue.

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