Holistic Knee Pain Treatment Video Chiropractor Jacksonville, FL

Holistic Knee Pain Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Brian here with Beyond Bones, we’re going to talk a little bit about how chiropractic is so able to help so many people get out of knee pain.

Knees are Complex Joints

Now, your knees are some of the most complex and important joints in your entire body. They’re complex because bones, ligaments and muscles all work together in order to make sure that joint works properly. And important, because I’m using mine right now. For example, as I’m just standing here, my knees are engaged in order to keep me standing upright. And these hold up and transfer your entire body weight with every single step that you take. Whether you’re walking around, whether you’re running for exercise, or engaging in just about any other sport that you can engage in, your knees are heavily involved in holding you up and maintaining your body’s weight. Now the chiropractic care can help get knee pain better in a couple of ways.

How Chiropractic Works to Reduce Knee Pain

First of all, by making sure that the range of motion of those joints and have your entire spine is as optimized as can be. If the joints in your body particularly in this case, the knees if they’re moving correctly, well, the degeneration doesn’t really happen, or at least it’s slowed down as much as possible. So by keeping your joints moving properly, we can slow down and even prevent sometimes degeneration, or wear and tear. Now, besides that, if your posture is off in some way, a high shoulder or a twisted hip or any of the many different ways posture can can go wrong, that can put unusual or abnormal stresses and pressure on your knee joints. And so as they move you through all those steps that you’re taking throughout your day, there can be wear and tear and degeneration will be accelerated. If your posture is off.

Better Posture for Less Knee Pain

Chiropractic helps improve your posture, keeping you up right and in a good biomechanical position for your knees to do their job. Besides all of that, the main foundation of chiropractic is correcting subluxations and that’s misalignment of the spine it’s a state of stress when your spine is out of alignment, causing pressure to some of the nerves of your spine. And if the nerves in your spine are impinged or press, particularly the nerves that your note low back, that can affect the nerves that travel down your legs to your knees causing pain in those areas. And that’s why it’s really really important.

If you’re suffering from knee pain, get in here let us check it out. Go find another chiropractor find somebody who’s going to help make sure that your body is working properly functioning correctly and and moving well so that your knees and the rest of you can work as well as possible.

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