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Beyond Bones Eliminates Knee Pain in Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, let’s talk knees. We’re here to talk knees, knee pain, knee problem, knee solutions. And in particular how here at Beyond bones, we help people who come in with knee problems.

The Complexities of the Knee Joint

First of all, the knee is very, very important and complicated joints, muscles, ligaments, and bones all come together those joints making it quite complex. And it’s important because our knees help us, almost no matter what we’re doing throughout our days, whether we’re standing, as I’m doing now, whether you’re walking or jogging, or running, sprinting, riding, a horse riding, a bicycle, jumping, any of those things, even just sitting, your knee is somehow involved. And so they are very, very important, very, very complicated. That’s part of the reason why so many people suffer from knee pain, about a third. In fact, roughly 33% of American adults will suffer from at least one major episode of knee pain throughout their lives. In the year 2017. Over 950,000 knee replacement surgeries were performed here in the United States, that’s a massive number. It’s a very, very complicated and invasive surgery, after which the person is often not the same as the word the way that they weren’t before. And for something that could likely have been prevented or at least delayed. Have we taken action to keep them the knee joint moving in a healthy way earlier on in the person’s life, there are a few very well known risk factors for knee pain.

Knee Pain Risk Factors

One of them unfortunately, is obesity. This makes sense, the more weight that the knee joints are carrying around, the more wear and tear there will be the more damaged the more degeneration, the more likely pain is to develop. And so obesity is one of the main risk factors here, and others actually smoking, this can be very highly correlated with knee pain and knee damage. So stop, stop, stop. And the third and probably most unfortunate risk factor in knee pain is gender. Women tend to suffer from the pain and problems much more frequently than men do. And there are a few men and well recognized reasons for that, first of all, some of the female hormones tend to weaken the ligaments of the knee. In women, the muscles surrounding and supporting the knee can be weaker than those in men. And the wider pelvic goal found in the female anatomy can cause different types of stresses to off balance, and put pressure on the knee joints. And so those are some of the reasons why women suffer from knee problems more frequently than men do.

Our Approach To Knee Pain

Here Beyond Bones, we always start with somebody who comes into the practice complaining of knee pain, or really any any other concern for that matter. But it starts with a thorough health history, that consultation designed to determine how the person’s feeling now, what their goals are for the future after the pain is gone. And then what they’ve been up to, and what ways if they’ve been using or abusing their body that’s led them to the point where they’re seeking our help for knee pain. After that, we’ll undergo some chiropractic and orthopedic exam type things where we continue to look for the cause of the problems. And then often, X rays are needed in order to make a full and thorough evaluation. Those can be X rays of the spine, or the knee joints themselves, or both. And then after that, it’s all about getting the problem corrected. Once we’ve found the problem and identified it, well, then the work is clear, we just need to do it.

How Chiropractic Helps with Knee Pain

And the main way the chiropractic helps with knee pain is through correcting something called subluxation. That’s a state of high stress in the body, in which the vertebrae the bones of the spine misaligned. And they may be putting pressure on some of the nerves that come out of the spine that can affect the knees directly. So correcting the spine, through the chiropractic adjustments, a manual thing that’s done entirely by hand, that can return the spine back to its normal and proper and healthy position, allowing the body the body to work better, and to heal itself, often taking the knee pain away right there. Keeping the range of motion optimized in the different joints of the body, including the spine and the knees themselves that can prevent well slow down and then stop and prevent further degeneration from happening. Because often is that wear and tear when something is off in terms of the positioning of the bones of a joint wear and tear of degeneration can happen and so range of motion is very, very important.

Knee Pain and Posture

A third way that chiropractic can often help with knee pain is posture. One of the main benefits that people notice After embarking on a program of chiropractic care is that their posture is better naturally it doesn’t take effort and their posture improves. As posture improves, we’re better able to hold our weight in a balanced and normal and even easy fashion where the weight is balanced over the knees properly from front to back and from side to side that minimizes the risk of wear and tear.

So there are a few ways that chiropractic can help with knee pain. Here at Beyond Bones, we do a deep and thorough investigation into what’s causing the pain and then how to get it corrected. And then we get started taking care of those causes so that the result is a happier, healthier, more active, better version of the you, you already are!

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