Chiropractor for Disc Injuries in Jacksonville, FL

Chiropractor for Disc Injuries in Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Jon Dandridge here. And I want to go over a few high level concepts and ideas about how we help people with chiropractic who have disc injuries in their spine.

First We Check Overall Spine Health

First, we need to understand just really how important the disc is to the overall health of our spine. And our overall well being. If we did not have any discs in our spine, or spine would just be a solid tube and a bone. And that would be very rigid, we’d have no mobility in our spine, if it was just a solid tube of bone. So the disc, the way it is now is it sits in between each vertebrae, right? It sits in between each vertebrae sandwiched in there. And that allows us a tremendous amount of flexibility, and mobility, and fluidity through life of movement. Right? It’s very, very important. And life is a lot more fun when our spines healthy with healthy discs. Okay, and so it’s very important to take care of those and learn how to take care of those throughout our entire life. So that we can maintain that that mobility, when a disc gets injured, it’s very important. Because it can have a huge impact on our health and how we feel. Now there’s a wide range of disc injuries, you can have injuries that are so minor, that you don’t even perceive them to disc injuries that are extremely debilitating and impact your life in a big, big way. So there’s only one way to really know where you sit on that spectrum. And that’s through advanced imaging. But it’s very common that people with disc injuries, you will feel radiating symptoms, maybe down your arms down your legs, you may feel pain, tingling, numbness, muscle weakness, pins and needles, all sorts of these are neurological symptoms, because the disc is putting compression, tension and stress on your nervous system. Right. And so that is that’s the key component of what a disc injury has the potential of doing.

How We Help With Chiropractic Care

So with chiropractic, what do we do, we look at that, and we say, hey, you know, this is a structural problem, the disc has been damaged, the joint has been damaged. This is a structural problem that requires a structural solution. And that’s what we offer a structural solution to a structural problem. And if a joint doesn’t move, well, if it’s been damaged, then what we need to do is to try and improve the quality of motion that it has trying to restore those joints to normal health so that they can move and slide and glide without stress, tension and compression so that it can avoid degeneration, and avoid all of those symptoms that it’s creating, right so that we can avoid those things. And so that at a high level, that’s what our objective is, is to try and restore normal joint function. Once a joint has been damaged. If we don’t do anything about it, the tendency is for it to continue to degenerate, right? And that’s not what we’re after. Right? Because that really impacts life. So our overall goal, that’s what it’s about.

If you have any questions about this, or your specifics of a disc injury that you have you may have sustained. Let us know we’d love to chat and connect with you and talk about you and any goals and health objectives that you have and how chiropractic can potentially be a solution for you. Okay, thanks so much, and we look forward to talking to you soon!

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