Beyond Bones Jacksonville Chiropractor Office

About Our Office

Everything we do, from our initial recommendations to how we deliver care, is designed to share an empowering universal truth that forms the foundation of our office - Our bodies were made to heal and live well, this is our default state of existence and we have designed our office to represent the purity of this focus.

We are laser focused on liberating the body and nervous system from the effects of life's stresses through improving the alignment and function of the spine. We believe that taking care of ourselves should not be another task on our list of "to-do's" but rather a regular practice that we look forward to because it is fun and rewarding.

It is a fact that when we are not feeling or functioning at our best it becomes more difficult to accomplish our life's goals and objectives and to be the people that we aspire to be for our families, friends, and communities. We recognize that there is no better investment than into our own health and have designed our office to be a resource for anyone who is truly motivated to build the life of their dreams.