About Beyond Bones

The Big Picture

There is an innate or inborn intelligence that resides in all living things. We know this to be true because where there is life there is also organization. Organization cannot come from anything other than intelligence. There are many examples where the organization and intelligence of nature is beyond our comprehension. In the case of the human body this is true, we are constantly learning new information about how our body functions and interacts with the environment around us.

We must realize that the innate intelligence that we all possess as human beings is ALWAYS fighting to keep us well, to keep us healing, to keep us adapting to the environment around us. We observe this in our own bodies each and every day.

What we know from science is that our nervous system is the system in the body that controls and coordinates all of the body's functions every minute of every day. It serves as the communication pathways that allow the intelligence of life to be expressed within our bodies.

Given this fact, we suggest that the best way to get and stay healthy is first and foremost make sure that the nervous system is free of interference so that it can perform its proper function (coordinate intelligent life). When the nervous system is free of interference and stress the brain can freely communicate with the body and the body to the brain.

This is our focus…. To liberate the spine and nervous system from stress and tension so our body can function at its highest level.

What to Expect


The first step in helping our clients get and stay well is understanding what their current health situation is. We want to know more about them! We want to know about their history, what lifestyle habits they have, what their stressors are, and most importantly what their GOALS are as it relates to health and wellbeing. We will also take x-ray images of the spine and a digital posture scan so that we can be certain about where any areas of concern may be and what exactly is causing their current health concerns.


Plan of Care

Once we have the information from the evaluation we spend time with our patients discussing the findings and providing our best recommendations based on the results and their individual goals. Our recommendations will almost always be for what we call a plan of care. These are specific recommendations tailored to each individual’s needs and are designed to give them the best chance possible to achieve their health goals.


Re-evaluations / Checkpoints

As we move through the care plan we take time to periodically check in to see how our patients are progressing. We have objective and subjective means of doing this. We want to know how they are feeling and functioning, what changes they have noticed in their health, and what habits they have changed (or are in the process of changing). We will take updated posture scans to see visually how balance is being restored to the body and at the conclusion of the initial care plan, we will discuss the entirety of the experience and provide recommendations on how to maintain the results.


“We are a chiropractic clinic obsessed with helping people remove the stress and tension that accumulates in the spine throughout life.

Whether it came from work, old sports injuries, ordinary slips and falls, or simply poor lifestyle choices we have all experienced the detrimental effects stress has on the body and spine.

If left unchecked, the effects of these stressors can build and begin to create health issues that interfere with our ability to accomplish the goals we have in life. It is our objective to prevent this from happening by restoring balance to the body and spine through regular chiropractic care.

There is no replacement or substitution for a chiropractic adjustment that liberates the spine from the consequences of life's stresses. This is what we do incredibly well and we look forward to sharing it with you.”

A Word From Our Owner


“What else do we have to do?”

This is a question I ask myself and our clients regularly. Our health is, without a doubt, our most precious asset, without it there is no possible way we can accomplish our life's goals and live to our fullest potential.

The more I’ve realized this truth in my own life, the more I’ve begun to make decisions that have not only maintained but have increased my strength, resilience, and the overall well being in my mind and body. This shift constantly creates more and more fulfillment both personally and professionally because my mind and body are supporting my efforts to achieve my life’s objectives instead of creating friction and resistance.

And this is what I’m here to share…. An invitation to begin living from a place of empowerment where we acknowledge our body’s innate ability to thrive and then make decisions and form habits that support this ability so we can be our absolute best selves for our families, friends, and community.

I look forward to learning more about you!

Dr. Jon Dandridge

Former professional athlete (baseball)

Certified in the Syntropy Chiropractic Training methodology.

Former UNF alumni and student-athlete

Carbon Neutral Business

Founder of “Raiz da Cura” a non-profit organization in Brasil developed to deliver free chiropractic care to the underserved population

"The vitalistic way of thinking drastically changed my life."

As a young woman growing up in Brasil I was raised in a culture that was very disempowering as it related to matters pertaining to health. This was especially true for women and the birthing process.

I grew up accepting a true natural birth - the way nature designed it and the way women had been doing it for thousands of years prior, was actually unnatural, antiquated, and only for the poor and uneducated.

I didn't know it at the time but this bred within me a feeling of inadequacy and fear about what should be one of the most special moments in a woman's life. It wasn't until my exposure to chiropractic that my idea on not only birth but overall health and wellbeing began to shift.

Because of this shift I began to reconsider what it meant for something to be "natural" which ultimately led me to birthing my daughter at home surrounded by loved ones. An experience that has forever changed me into a more empowered and confident woman.

It was because of chiropractic that I considered a different view on health, and the care I received throughout my pregnancy was instrumental in putting my body in the best possible position to experience the birth of my dreams.

With tons of love

Ádelle Dandridge