Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy is Vital Chiropractor Jacksonville, FL

Why Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy is Vital In Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, there’s a reason why the chiropractor often becomes the pregnant woman’s best friend. Or second best or third, but you get the idea. See, pregnancy is amazing. It’s inspiring. It’s impressive. It’s complicated, and it’s some miracle. But it’s also has its challenges and we’ll take a look at a few of those challenges.

First, before we take a look at some of the things we do here at Beyond Bones, to help a pregnant woman have the smoothest, easiest, most pleasant birth possible. First of all, about five to seven months along into the pregnancy, usually five to seven months, it can be late or sometimes it can be never sometimes, and in some very unfortunate cases, it can start in the first month. But usually at five to seven months or so the woman will start to develop at least some low back pain. The main reason for that is that the baby is growing and it’s getting heavier, and that means that her belly is growing and getting heavier and that extra weight in front pulls her spine forward. And that puts stress on the nerves as the spine is out of position, which leads to nerve pressure and aches and pains. The psoas muscles deep inside, those can tighten up during pregnancy. And that can lead to further complicating the situation at the low back and pelvis leading to low back pain in some cases. Lastly, far along in the pregnancy, toward the end of it, her body starts to release a hormone called relaxin. And the purpose of that hormone relaxing is to help her body to relax in particular, the ligaments of her pelvis so that the joints can spread apart just a bit, allowing space for that baby to come out and join us in the world. The problem is that all of that relaxin can lead to some instability at the sacroiliac joints and the rest of the pelvis. Those things are all very, very much things which chiropractic adjustments can help.

There are a few other ways that the chiropractor helps as well, first of all, chiropractors, especially ones like us here Beyond Bones were very, very aware and insistent on the fact that pregnancy is natural. It’s something that her body is totally designed to do. Without a lot of help in terms of drugs and surgery. It’s natural, and we serve as a voice reminding her of that and cheering her on. We’re also very good at letting her know that she can plan out her birth to go however she likes and as long as she takes the necessary steps in order to allow that to happen. It probably will, not every time. But in most cases having a clear vision and a plan for the way she wants that birth to go and then working toward it that usually makes it happen. There’s a few other accommodations that we make for pregnant folks when they’re in the practice special pillows to allow her to face like face down some special exercises and stretches and a few other things like that. But the whole idea here is that pregnancy is natural. Her body’s designed and meant to do it. And it can do it without a huge amount of help. Some chiropractic adjustments to take some of the stress out of her spine and those other things as well. They often lead to pregnancy, birth and delivery being as smooth, pain free, comfortable and inspiring as they possibly can as she welcomes the little one into the world.

Millions of families have found chiropractic to be extraordinarily helpful in getting them through their pregnancy journey, and we hope you’ll be next!

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