Trigger Points for Migraine Relief Chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL

Trigger Points for Migraine Relief in Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Brian here with Beyond Bones, let’s take a look at three different trigger points that you can use to try to bring down the intensity of your migraine headache or any other kind of headache that you may be suffering from.

3 Trigger Points For Migraine Headache Relief

The first one is right here, it’s this web part of your hand between your index finger and your thumb, you can take the fingers on the opposite hand and put some pressure into that muscle, give it a little squeeze and a little bit of circular massaging motion. Don’t squeeze too hard, this can be quite sensitive. And it may cause you a little bit of pain if you do so. So build up to more pressure gradually, you can try the other one as well. Okay, that’s one that’s often very, very helpful in bringing down the intensity of a headache. That’s the first.

The second one is what many people know is your third eye. It’s located here between your eyebrows at your temple, using one finger or to put some gentle circular pressure into that spot can go the other direction as well. That’s the second trigger point that may help bring down your headaches.

The third is found right here is where the bridge of your nose meets your eye socket. You can either do one side at a time, applying again, gentle pressure with small circular motions. You can do the other side as well. Or you can do both sides both at the same time. Those three trigger points are often very, very effective in bringing down the intensity bringing down the severity of your migraine until you can get in here for your next adjustment.

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