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The Best Way to Naturally Reduce Stress Chiropractor for Stress Management in Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Jon Dandridge here from Beyond Bones. And one of the simple truths that we communicate to all of our patients is this, we know that the stresses that we are under in our lives are.

Regardless of what they are, the physical stresses, emotional, mental, chemical, whatever they are, if we don’t adapt well to those stresses, and they begin to accumulate over time, this will eventually create physical problems. Physical symptoms, and disease and dysfunction in our bodies can happen. This is obviously something that we don’t want. And one of the things that taking care of our spine does regularly and consistently over time is it gives us a better ability to adapt to the stresses that we have in our life.

It’s very, very simple when our bodies can move well, when our joints are healthy, especially in our spine. This creates a situation where we are better able to adapt to the stresses the brain in our body, and our nervous system loves it when we are have freedom of movement, when we can move with ease without stress, tension and compression.

Unfortunately, because of the stresses of life, if we if we start to accumulate those and we don’t take care of ourselves, our joints can become dysfunctional, they can even start to degenerate. And this is a very stressful thing, to our bodies to our nervous systems. And that’s one of the things the primary things that we help people overcome when we start to take care of their spine regularly and consistently over time. We not only impact the spine and the health that it has, but we impact the health of the entire body by reducing stress overall, globally in our bodies.

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