Signs of Hip Dysfunction Chiropractor In Jacksonville, FL

Signs of Hip Dysfunction In Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Jon Dandridge here, I want to go over three really common signs that we see almost each and every week for people who have hip problems, hip pain, hip dysfunction, imbalances in the hips. These are three signs that we see very regularly for people with those issues.

The Hips Create the Foundation for Our Spine

The hips, critical to life, really, it’s the pelvis that is so so important with anything that we do in terms of our lower body lunging, running, jumping, squatting, anything like that, we have to have a stable base. And the pelvis is what creates that foundation, that base for our spine to sit on. And so very, very important that those joints, the two joints that make up our pelvis, are very healthy, and move fluidly without restriction, tension and compression. So here are three signs that we see very regularly for people with hip problems.

Number One

If you’re lying in bed, and you’re you’re switching positions, maybe you’re you’re rolling over from one side to the other, or you’re lying on your back, and you’re rolling over to one side, when we when we throw our legs over and we start to twisted her hips, if that creates a lot of discomfort and pain, maybe it even wakes you up at night, there’s a great chance that there, there’s a good chance that you may have hip issues, right and maybe some dysfunction in those hip joints.

Number Two

If sitting down like if you’re standing and you’re slowly descending, controlled to take a seat, if that causes problems, or the contrary of that, the reverse of that if we’re seated and getting up into a standing position in a controlled way, if any if those movements, if that causes any pain and discomfort, there’s a good chance that there may be issues in the hips and hip joints.

Number Three

if we’re doing something supported by one leg. So if we’re walking upstairs and there’s and at any given time we’re walking upstairs, there’s one leg that is bearing the weight of our body while the other leg catches up and climbs. So if that creates pain, when we’re when we have to control the weight of our body on one leg, or if we have to, like bend over and pick something up and we have to balance ourselves on one leg. If that makes you feel unbalanced, weak, vulnerable, maybe pain or discomfort, there’s a good chance that also there may be pain or dysfunction in your hip joints. Okay? There’s only one way to know for sure that’s get checked out. And that’s what we do here in our office. Every exam we look for these things we look for where the areas of imbalance where areas of dysfunction are where the joints not moving well. And that’s ultimately what we’re after, to correct for many reasons.

So if you have any questions, let us know we’re always open for conversation. Okay, thanks so much.

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