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How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy In Jacksonville, FL

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Hello everybody, Dr. Brian here with Beyond Bones. And we’re here to talk a little bit about why it’s important for pregnant women to see a chiropractor throughout their pregnancy.

And first of all, the most important thing to understand here is that a pregnant woman is a woman. And that means she’s subject to the same rules that govern health and the spine, and all of those things in women and men and everybody remember that the main job of the chiropractor is to correct something called subluxation. And that’s a state in which the spine is stressed and has a hard time moving from stress to relaxation, that’s caused by all sorts of different stressors in our lives, physical, chemical, emotional, and, and mental as well.

A pregnant woman isn’t any different from any of the rest of us in that sense, except that she’s under extreme circumstances. And what that means is that as the baby grows, and her belly grows to accommodate that baby, her pelvis shifts back and her low back shifts forward, that puts a whole lot of stress on her lumbar spine and on her pelvis, that can lead to nerve pressure through subluxation, which will over time cause aches and pains and other symptoms to develop. She’s also under lots and lots of chemical stress. What that means is her body’s releasing lots of hormones in order to help her body grow to make space for that baby and eventually open up to let the baby be born into the world.

Chiropractic is really, really good and really, really important for making sure that her body goes through those super stressful times with as much ease and grace as possible. Because again, as those stresses accumulate over time subluxation can develop that puts pressure on the nerves and that causes her to feel less good than she should. As she’s going through the pregnancy. Seeing a chiropractor will make sure that her spine is as at ease and at peace and feeling as good and relaxed as possible to ensure that the delivery and the recovery afterward are all as smooth and successful as can be.

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