How Beyond Bones Treats Migraines Chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL

How Beyond Bones Treats Migraines in Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys Dr. Brian from Beyond Bones here and we’re going to discuss migraines today. Some of the things that cause them but much more importantly, what we do here at Beyond Bones to help migraine sufferers get through those incredibly debilitating attacks into the quality of life that comes from getting rid of the migraines entirely.

Migraines are a Serious Problem in the United States

It’s estimated that one in four households here in the United States is inhabited by a person who suffers from migraines. So this is a problem that touches nearly everybody to one degree or another. An estimated $36 billion is spent every year in the United States on migraines and the symptoms that they bring with them and incredibly high number. And women are disproportionately affected. 85% of migraine sufferers are in fact female, as compared to male. Usually, migraine headaches involve just one side of the face and head. And they can come with other symptoms as well. Nausea, vomiting, balance issues, and there’s often an aura or a visual sensation that the person will perceive before the attack comes on. This is an incredibly serious problem. Lots and lots of people are suffering. And chiropractic is usually very, very helpful solution for many people.

There are Many Triggers for Migraine Headaches

Migraines can be caused and triggered by many different lifestyle factors. They can be sleep related, it can be sound, or sent or visually related, and it can be due to alignment problems in the spine. If the alignment of the spine is off, particularly at the upper neck, that can put pressure on some of the nerves, which in fact cause migraines and their attacks to come back, and back and back. And so then, correcting the alignment of the spine is really the only way to ensure that the migraine sufferer it gets long term long lasting relief. A migraine attack lasts from 4 to 72 hours and can occur at a variety of frequencies. But just imagine suffering from a headache like that. And debilitating one for three days straight. This is something that nobody deserves to experience. And we’re happy to help here.

How We Help Migraine Suffers Through Chiropractic Care

The way that we do that, fundamentally, is by correcting the alignment of the spine over time through the power of accumulated chiropractic adjustments. The healing benefit of one adjustment adds to the next and the next and the next over time leading to a nervous system and a body that’s much less stressed, more relaxed, able to heal itself and function in a more normal way again, without those headaches. That’s getting a little bit of ahead of ourselves. If a person is suffering from migraines, the first step here at beyond bones is always an in depth consultation with one of our chiropractors followed by in many cases of physical examination.

We Use X-rays to Help Determine the Cause of Your Migraines

And the next step after that is one of the most important of all, it’s X rays, seeing an x ray of the spine, the front view and the side view of the neck in particular can give us a very clear sense of whether or not we’re going to be able to help. Now have a look at this X ray right here. That’s the neck.  This person is facing to the left and you can see that yellow line it curves to the left as well. That’s very, very important when we lose that curve that we should have in our neck. If we lose it to even a slight degree problems can start to develop degeneration and wear and tear in the spine is a sign of of misalignment as well. This is the next step from normal, this spine has started to lose its alignment, it started to straighten out that will inevitably come along with pressure on some of the nerves of the neck may be causing migraines and their and their headaches. The problem worsens over time as well. But even here, even in the earliest stages of this misalignment and degeneration process, there may be pressure on the nerves, which could contribute to future problems down the road.

Specific Chiropractic Adjustments, Stretches and Exercises Offer Relief from Migraines

In addition to the chiropractic adjustment, which will know whether or not you need, based on your X-rays and based on our examination, we’ll be talking about different stretches and exercises that may help relax and strengthen some of the muscles along your neck and your upper back. maintaining good posture of the neck and upper back is often very, very helpful when it comes to migraine. We’ll also discuss in detail with you some of the triggers of your migraines, as in what are you doing before many of these attacks occur, we’ll see if we can make some modifications to your lifestyle and this get those corrected.

Sometimes it takes time to get the migraines gone. Sometimes it happens quickly. It’s nice when happens quickly, but it doesn’t really matter if it takes time because what we’re after is getting rid of those migraines for the long term. Temporary improvement is awesome. And you’ll often feel better after one adjustment, but getting those improved and really gone from your life, so that you can get back to higher levels of energy and vitality and really have quality of life. That’s the goal. A better future for you without those migraines.

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