Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain Relief In Jacksonville, FL

Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain Relief In Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Jon Dandridge here, I want to go over a few ideas and concepts to understand hip pain and how we help people get over hip pain each and every week in our offices. And the concept is very simple. And we can apply this concept to every condition or symptom or anything that anybody’s experiencing. It doesn’t have to be hip pain, it can be neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain doesn’t matter. And the idea is very, very simple.

Structure of the Spine Correlates to How We Feel

It’s the structure of our body, the structure of our spine is intimately related to how well we feel and how well we function. We know what a normal spine should look like, we know what our pelvis, the structure that our pelvis should have the alignment that it should have. And anytime we deviate from that anytime the structure is sacrificed, because of accidents, injuries, repetitive stresses, whatever it is, anytime we get away from that, we will suffer some consequences, whether that’s right now or into the future, we will start to feel and function less optimally, okay. And so everything that we do, is looking at someone’s spine and pelvis and hips through that lens through that structural lens. How well are they balanced? How well did the joints move? Do they move fluidly without restriction without tension without? You know, you know, stress and compression? If if the answer is no, then we know that we can make improvements, we can make improvements to the alignment, the fluidity of the joints, how well they move. And when the body starts to return to balance, it knows how to function properly, we start to remove stress from our nervous system, that’s the primary thing, we remove stress from our nervous system. And now our brain and our body can communicate with more ease, and our body to our brain with more ease. And we’re going to start to function at a higher level, we’re going to start to heal much quicker, we’re going to start to heal much more efficiently. And we’re going to feel and function better. It’s just that simple.

Chiropractic Adjustments Increase Mobility

And so whether you have hip pain, neck pain, low back knee doesn’t matter. We look at the spine, and the structure of the hips and the pelvis through that lens, right through that lens. It keeps things very simple. It’s very effective. And what we do to to improve that is by adjusting by adjusting the joints of the spine and the pelvis and an adjustment, what it is, is it’s this, it’s this motion that we put into the spine as input that we put into the spine that honors and respects the normal way that the joints of the of the spine and hips should move. And when we can increase the quality of that motion in those joints, they get healthier, right, we have less and less of a chance to for degeneration, right? We start to move and feel and function better. Okay. And so it’s very, very simple. The overall concept of chiropractic and we can apply it throughout the whole entire spine, all the you know all the joints of the spine and pelvis.

So if you have any questions about that, know that we always love to connect with people of our community. Have a conversation with you. Discuss the details of your case to see if we are a good fit for you. Okay, thanks so much. If you have any questions, let us know!

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