Best Shoulder Pain Exercises Chiropractor Jacksonville FL

Best Shoulder Pain Exercises Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Jon here from Beyond Bones, I want to give you three exercises that you can do to help improve the strength of your shoulder. So if you’re having a lot of shoulder pain or shoulder discomfort problems, these are best shoulder pain exercises that you can do to help strengthen this area.

Typically, the issue that we find with most people is that the shoulder joints become, to flex forward, this is the posture of today’s society, we’re overly flexed. This changes the angulation of these joints and can create a lot of vulnerabilities and weakness. So the number one exercise that we can do, you can get a exercise band, if you go if you have a gym membership, every gym should have these you can buy him offline and very inexpensive. And if this is the problem, too much flexion forward, then the solution would be to strengthen the muscles in the backside of our body to bring us into extension. So any kind of row any kind of exercise where we pull against resistance towards ourselves, that’s going to help strengthen these muscles in the back of the shoulder and your back, to help bring us back into balance. And so you can do that with one hand, you can do that with two hands. There’s many variations of that.

The second thing is you can stand up against the wall like this. And we call these wall angels similar to like snow angels, but we’re standing against the wall. And you can just keep your shoulders and your arms really touching the wall like this. And we’re just going to lift up and down, up and down. And we’re forcing our body to be in this nice extended posture, right? And so we’re not we can’t be flexed forward if we’re doing this properly. So we’re forcing ourselves to contract these muscles in the back of our body so that we can hold that proper posture.

The third and final thing is swimming. I’m a huge fan of swimming. It provides just enough little resistance that we can really work the shoulder joint in all kinds of angles. This is a very good thing actually when I played baseball in college and professionally, Swimming was something that I did in the off season to maintain the health of my shoulder. I can’t say enough about it. Find a good swimming instructor and get in the pool.

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