Avoiding Sciatica Pain Chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL

Avoiding Sciatica in Jacksonville, FL

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Hey guys, Dr. Brian here from Beyond Bones. There are a few things simple things that you can do to make sure that you never end up developing the symptoms of sciatica. It can be really painful, so it’s best if we just skip all of that.

Things You Can do to Avoid Sciatica

Maintaining that good, healthy, upright posture. That’s number one. Having a good posture that makes sure that your spine stays in good alignment and there’s no pressure on your sciatic nerve. Don’t smoke. That’s another one. Regular exercise, particularly exercise in which you’re engaging your core and your low back that’ll help you skip sciatica, as well. Maintaining a healthy weight, that’s another one, and then avoiding activities that are likely to cause you to slip and fall. That’s the last one, those habits and those activities, doing those things and avoiding the others that will help you make sure that sciatica never becomes a problem for you. If you have already started to develop some of the symptoms of sciatica, there are a few things that the Mayo Clinic recommends that you try in the first two to three days.

What to do When You First Experience Sciatic Nerve Pain

After beginning to experience those symptoms of sciatica, apply ice to the affected area, wrap the ice in a plastic bag, wrap a towel around it and then hold it on the affected part of your body for about 20 minutes. After the the beginning initial phase of the pain, heat may work better for you. Acupuncture has been known to improve sciatica quite a lot. And another thing the Mayo Clinic recommends that you try is chiropractic. There are a few reasons why chiropractic might be able to help you get rid of those sciatica symptoms and keep them gone. It’s worth a try. You deserve to feel great!

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