Perform, Feel, Look, Move,
Be Better.

We help Riverside Jacksonville, FL residents like you get out of pain and back to health naturally with quick and effective chiropractic adjustments—without the need for expensive surgeries or medication

✅ Walk, move and bend with ease

✅ Wake up refreshed and pain-free

✅ Enjoy your favorite activities again

✅ Walk, move and bend with ease

✅ Wake up refreshed and pain-free

✅ Enjoy your favorite activities again

There is no need
to suffer any longer

Every day, people in Jacksonville are suffering from problems that can be helped by chiropractic:

  • Headaches
  • Neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Any many others…

As a result, they are operating with the power turned d o w n, merely existing – instead of living at their full potential.

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Tired of trying everything without success and thinking you have to live with the pain?

Life with Beyond Bones chiropractic care

  • Relief from chronic back and neck pain
  • Increased flexibility and ease of movement
  • Fewer / no more headaches and a clear, more focused mind
  • Natural pain relief without drugs
  • Better sleep and more productive days
  • A more youthful, energetic body
  • Clarity on the real cause of health problems + personalized assessments and care plans
  • Long-term health solutions and prevention. More cost-effective pain solution long-term.
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Get adjusted and unlock your body’s natural ability to heal

Your nervous system (made up of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves) is the command centre that controls and regulates every aspect of your body.

If you’re not enjoying good health, your nervous system is sure to be involved in some way.

Life is full of stressful situations like poor posture in the office, old injuries, overdoing it at the gym, kids jumping on your back, tight work deadlines, or poor eating habits etc.

All these stresses can disrupt our nervous system and restrict communication between the brain and body, bringing our body out of balance, and so pain and other symptoms arise.

Chiropractic adjustments remove these disruptions and improve our brain-body connection by adjusting segments of the spinal column.

The result?

  • More health and energy
  • Less pain (and other symptoms)
  • A better life.

Without the use of drugs or surgery.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Step 1: Detailed Evaluation

Getting to know you & your health goals

Your first visit to Beyond Bones will primarily be a detailed evaluation. The purpose of this visit is for us to understand your problems (if any), and how they’re affecting your life.

This involves,

  • a discussion about your health and history,
  • taking x-ray images of your spine,
  • a spinal test and,
  • a posture analysis

After this, we will be able to let you know:

  • what’s the root problem,
  • whether or not chiropractic can help and,
  • what we need to do to get you better

If we believe we can help, and can adjust you safely, we’ll get you your first adjustment on the same day. That will start your healing process immediately, and help you feel better and ready to enjoy the rest of your day!

Beyond Bones Jacksonville chiropractic first visit evaluation
Neck Pain Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me
Beyond Bones Jacksonville chiropractic first visit posture assessment
Neck Pain Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me

What you will get from your first visit:

Audit your posture and overall spinal health

Get clarity and real answers on how your history and lifestyle may be affecting your health.

Get adjusted and start your healing process at the root of the problem immediately.

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Our bodies are like a health bank

If we make deposits (good nutrition, exercise, proper rest, chiropractic adjustments, etc) then we can make withdrawals (neglect, pizza, over doing it, etc).

Like bank accounts, if we make more withdrawals than deposits, we get bounced checks and overdraft notices from the bank.

Low back pain and pain down your legs? It’s an “overdraft” your body is sending you.

Headaches? A bounced check.

Numbness and tingling down your arm? A service charge from your health “bank”.

Many people begin chiropractic care because they’re overdrawn; they have an ache or a pain.

Their goal? Relief.

And that’s our first objective.

The penalties they received serve as a reminder that they haven’t been making adequate deposits to cover their withdrawals.

Getting a clear “audit” of your health account balance is the first place to start. That’s the purpose of a thorough examination.

Then, you’ll probably need to make some immediate deposits (chiropractic adjustment) into your account to get yourself out of the red and relief your pain.

We have gone through hundreds of hours of advanced chiropractic training so that we can deliver you an undeniably good experience

Our unique approach combines the latest in biomechanics, skill acquisition, and patient care to offer you unparalleled health benefits.

Expert Rapid & Effective Relief

We are equipped with cutting-edge skills for preciseeffective – and just simply GREAT – adjustments, promising you faster relief and lasting health improvements.

Commitment to Safety

Experience worry-free treatments as we prioritize injury prevention for both you and us, ensuring a comfortable, safe healing journey.

Flexible Scheduling

Our appointments are flexible to work with your busy schedule! It only takes about 15 min of your day to come in, get adjusted and leave with happier you. Your future self, family, and friends will LOVE that you took care of yourself today.

Neck Pain Chiropractor Jacksonville FL Near Me

Passionate Care

Feel the difference with care from practitioners who are truly passionate about your health, driven to provide the best outcomes with renewed enthusiasm and confidence.

Our job is to provide the finest and safest chiropractic care possible for everyone

Because we care, we want our clients to walk into Beyond Bones Alignment Studio and feel like they’ve finally strolled into a clinic that understands – and really cares about – the pain they’ve been dealing with.

Dr. Jon Dandridge

👋 Hi, I’m Jon – it’s nice to you!

Born and raised in Jacksonville. I’ve been a chiropractor for almost 10 years, and I’ve been into chiropractic care since I was a kid, all thanks to my folks. It’s really shaped my health and wellbeing.

I’m a huge sports fan too. Played baseball all the way to pro before I decided to focus on chiropractic. Love the game, the team spirit, and pushing myself to the limits.

I’m also fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, with a big heart for Latin American cultures.

For me, chiropractic is more than just treatment; it’s about unlocking our natural potential to live well. I’m all about helping remove what’s holding us back, so we can really thrive.

Dr. Brian Morris

👋 Hi, I’m Brian, nice to meet you!

I’m originally from Northern California but have lived all over—from Washington to Taiwan, San Francisco, Peru, and Singapore—before calling Jacksonville my home.

I’ve been a chiropractor for 15 years, and my passion for this field has only deepened with time. Seeing the difference it makes in people’s lives is truly rewarding.

Being a dad to two amazing kids and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, I get how important it is to manage life’s pressures smoothly. Chiropractic care has been key for me in maintaining balance and well-being.

I’m really grateful for the chance to help others connect with their natural ability to heal and grow. It’s great to be part of the Jacksonville community, helping everyone here flourish!

Why our clients love us

34 reviews on
Abraham Ben Moha
Abraham Ben Moha
Can’t say enough good things about this practice. I see Dr. Brian at least once a week and the amount of improvement in my range and motion over the last year has been incredible. I highly recommend him.
Amber Hudson
Amber Hudson
Truly an amazing practitioner for anyone! Dr. Brian is professional, empathetic, communicative, knowledgeable, approachable and warm. I highly recommend him to anyone I meet!
Vanessa Abuan
Vanessa Abuan
Price is a little bit up there for adjustments but Dr. Brian is really great, worldly and walks you through and explains the process.
Alexandra Miller
Alexandra Miller
I am a competitive rower and had been struggling with back issues where I can barely stand up straight when I get out of the boat. After no time at all with seeing Brian, I am feeling great and enjoying more mobility than I have been in a while. In the first couple of minutes of my initial evaluation, I knew I was in good hands and Brian was someone I could trust. He intently listened to my needs and concerns, and responded quickly with how he could help and plan best suited for me. I had my hesitations with Chiropractic care but Brian is an excellent Chiropractor. He is also a jiu-jitsu fighter which to me means he knows how bodies are supposed to move (and not move). Brian is a perfect balance of someone super fun to talk to and easy to work with (scheduling/paperwork/etc.) but is incredibly attentive, disciplined, and knowledgeable. He has worked as a Chiropractor in places all over the world - Jacksonville is lucky to have Brian at Beyond Bones!
Lori Mejia
Lori Mejia
My daughter has had several bad falls during basketball and volleyball. Which caused her a lot of hip pain. So I decided to take her to Beyond Bones Riverside. At first she was nervous about getting adjusted. But Brian assured her that everything was going to be ok. Brian was very detailed and explained what she could expect. After her first adjustment she was Beyond happy and ready to set up her next adjustment. The atmosphere at Beyond Bones is very peaceful and light. So if you are having any pain don't hesitate to get an appointment and start feeling better!
Manny Mendoza
Manny Mendoza
I was very hesitant on who to go with. You really never know the type of care you'll get from a doctor. It was almost 3-4 years before I decided to get care and ultimately decided to give Beyond Bones a shot. Was in great hands, care with very knowledgeable people and did not disappoint. Highly recommend Dr Brian!
Mallory Morse
Mallory Morse
A relaxed setting with professional care. I started seeing a chiropractor in Gainesville about 4 years ago after being told by my primary that at 26 I’d need back surgery to treat two slipped discs. With regular chiropractic maintenance and lifestyle changes I’m happy to say that never happened. When I moved it Jax I went to a few chiropractors that just felt… impersonal, mechanical. Beyond Bones is just the opposite of that! Brian at the Park st location always gives a great adjustment, works with my scheduling needs, and takes the time to check in with me at each appointment. Can’t recommend this place enough.
Edson jovani Bolaños
Edson jovani Bolaños
excelente atención desde la primera sección sentí mejoría super recomendado
cassio miguel batista
cassio miguel batista
Acredito que muitas pessoas da mesma forma que eu, convivem com desconforto e ate mesmo algumas dores e acham que isso e normal. Isto e um grande engano , e percebi o quanto minha vida melhorou, minha disposicao , enfim recuperei meu bem estar com a ajuda do Dr. Jon . O trabalho personalizado me trouxe excelentes resultados posso afirmar que minha saude melhorou consideravelmente e me pergunto : Porque eu esperei tanto ! . Meu muito obrigado ao Dr Jon por sua dedicacao e profissionalismo. Super recomendo.
Rafael Nigaglioni
Rafael Nigaglioni
To all in search of an amazing Chiropractor, who takes pride in what he does and is there to better help us (his patients) need to look no further... Dr.Jon and his team have your care in their hands. I know it's hard to find a good Chiropractor but he is one of the good one's!!!!!!

Take control of your health and live the life you really want to.

  • Keep doing the activities you enjoy,
  • performing better in all areas of your life, and
  • setting yourself up for future health, vitality and graceful ageing.

A special treat for the new patients

We’re so passionate about helping the Jacksonville community flourish that we shamelessly hassled our wonderful on-site massage therapist, Genevieve, for this…

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Escape from the daily stresses with a FREE 30-min massage

Genevieve is dedicated to using a holistic approach to make your massage experience unforgettable. With a wide range of different techniques, she intuitively chooses what to work on based on your body’s needs, creating a completely customized massage for ultimate relaxation.

Her intention is for everyone in Jacksonville to have a peaceful haven where letting go of the outside world is made easy!

Ready to Get Back to Living Pain-Free?

New Patient Offer for $289 $79

(☀️ Summer Wellness Special 🌴 ends 30th June)

  • Audit your posture and overall spinal health (x-rays, exam, posture tests)
  • Get insights on how your history and lifestyle may be affecting your health
  • Get adjusted and start your healing process at the root of the problem immediately.
  • Limited Time Bonus: FREE 30-min massage (worth $100 & scheduled separately to chiropractic visit)

Have a question?

Got a burning question about our services or just want to say hi? Ask us below and we’ll respond asap. We’re always happy to help!


Where are we?

3645 Park St,
Jacksonville, FL 32205,
United States

Mon, Wed, Sun – Closed
Tue, Thu – 8am to 8pm
Fri, Sat – By Appointment Only

What happens after the first visit?

Going beyond pain-free 🚀

After the first visit, there are a few options for new patients who wish to continue with chiropractic care.

The most popular option is to follow a personalised care program (6–8 weeks, depending on your unique conditions) that is designed to not only,

  • remove your pain and return you back to being pain-free, but also
  • take you beyond that and towards your highest level of performance

Healing is a process, not an instant fix.

The longer you get adjusted regularly, the more you’re gonna heal. Each adjustment will help you feel better and improve your mood – the first adjustment is no different.

Subsequent adjustments will have a compounding effect where each adjustment builds on the ones before. Together, they work to get your the best results in the shortest amount of time.

On the other hand, you might also simply decide to come in only when you’re in pain. That’s totally cool, the choice is entirely yours and your decision will be respected. Regardless, we are always happy to help 🤙